Canada's favourite airline wanted to brand their new Glasgow route with their own tartan... and loved the results so much now they want all their staff to share it

Westjet DC Dalgliesh tartan plane tailfin



Our brief for this project was simple. Westjet's main colour palette was well established. So our challenge was simply to create a design that would look great at any scale, from a tie to an airplane tailfin!



Westjet DC Dalgliesh tartan headphones

Branded products

Westjet DC Dalgliesh tartan staff uniforms

Staff uniforms




Westjet's beautiful and instantly recognisable design creates a feeling of belonging within its loyal community of staff and customers.



Video: teaser - fab! (30 secs)


Video: making the tartan (6 mins)



The design and creation of this unique tartan formed a centrepiece of Westjet's online launch campaign.



Westjet DC Dalgliesh tartan airport signage



Their distinctive tartan provides highly effective branding and signposting at the airports...



Westjet DC Dalgliesh tartan billboard



... and promotional advertising out on the streets.



Westjet DC Dalgliesh tartan route launch



The entire company was proud to launch their new route, with a lovely new way to show off their shared identity.