DC Dalgliesh was delighted to be associated with one of our favourite 'Scottish' films

Pixar's Brave poster



Pixar kindly us special permission to mention our work with them on our web site, although they asked us not to discuss the collaboration in any detail .



Brave European Premiere



So instead we'll tell you about our wonderful night out at the European Premiere, to which we received a generous invitation...



Kevin McKidd, Mark Andrews, and Katherine Saraphian



... as well as to the official After Party, where we met the cast and crew. *(L-R) Kevin McKidd, Mark Andrews, and Katherine Saraphian, D.C. Dalgliesh Director, Dr Nick Fiddes)...





... not to mention Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, presenting their tartan's official registration certificate at the movie's launch reception.



Brave Academy Award



So congratulations to the wonderful people at Pixar for their well-deserved Oscars.