City of Krakow

Edinburgh City Council asked us to run a design contest to gift Krakow in Poland with its own tartan. We suggested the entire Edinburgh community be involved. The result was fabulous.

Krakow tartan tram



We ran a competition with the help of the Edinburgh Polish community but open to all residents, using Scotweb's fantastic online Tartan Designer A panel from the Cultural Association and the City Council selected a shortlist of six designs for the people of Krakow to choose from.



Krakow tartan design contest

Contest workshop

Krakow tartan on weaving loom

Sample weaving




The contest was widely covered in the Polish newspapers and television, and voting for the winning design created huge local interest.



Launch Video (5 mins)


National news! (2 mins)



The official launch involved a weekend of civic events, attended by Edinburgh's Lord Provost and a large delegation from Scotland, generously entertained by Krakow Council. It's one of Europe's most beautiful cities! You really should visit.



Krakow tartan civic events



Krakow has since used the design in many creative ways, including its official Christmas card...



Krakow tartan Christmas card



This collaboration is a wonderful example of how tartan unites communities and brings people together.





The people of Krakow (and their Scottish guests) clearly think so. They were dancing in the town square!