Quebec Centennial #2

Note: colours viewed on a computer screen may appear significantly different to woven yarns. Please request physical samples where appropriate.

Quebec Centennial #2 Specification


REPEAT Approx 7.6cm
SYMMETRY Asymmetric


WIDTH 70cm
MATERIAL Pure New Wool

Other palettes for Quebec Centennial #2 tartan

Ancient colours

4 custom woven

Reproduction colours

4 custom woven

We can also create a new palette varient to your own specification, using any shades from our stock yarns, or by dyeing to order to match your needs. Please enquire.

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Quebec Centennial #2 (Modern palette) materials

Custom Woven

16oz 70cm Pure New Wool   ID: 456353
11oz 140cm Pure New Wool   ID: 456352
4oz 76cm Pure Silk   ID: 456351