Western Isles

Note: colours viewed on a computer screen may appear significantly different to woven yarns. Please request physical samples where appropriate.

Western Isles

4oz (Spring weight)

Pure Silk

The luxurious lustre of pure spun silk traditional silk feels quite different to mass produced dupion silk. It's perfect for a wide range of ladies and gents' garments, including silk ties and other accessories. This narrow-loom width produces a silk fabric that's perfect for dressmaking, accessories, or many other uses. And we also weave as sets of individual headsquares. This luxuriously smooth pure silk will be individually woven to order for you by this superb weaver deep in the Scottish borders. D.C. Dalgliesh is Scotland's last authentic artisan tartan weaver. Learn more about this remarkable mill and its products on the <a href="http://www.dcdalgliesh.co.uk">D. C. Dalgliesh</a> web site. We recommend the video, which shows how your tartan is woven! Note that these images are mostly computer generated. The shades of yarn our expert weavers use to create something traditional and beautiful for you may differ. But it will be traditionally correct, and simply lovely. As this fabric is woven to order, a minimum order length of four metres applies. As this fabric is woven to order, a minimum order length of four metres applies.

Modern Palette

These are the yarn shades we recommend for this tartan. You may also select alternative yarns from our stock yarn range to create your own varient palette. Please enquire

Before the twentieth century, almost all dyeing used vegetable dyes. The advent of chemical dyes in the mid-1800s introduced the possibility of stronger and brighter shades, which became immediately popular, appealing to Victorian sensibilities with their liking for strong colour schemes. Tartans woven in 'Modern Colours' are characterised by darker and more vivid shades.

Ready in: 10 - 12 weeks

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Custom Woven

4oz 76cm Pure Silk   ID: 431811

Western Isles Specification


REPEAT Approx 10.2cm


WIDTH 76cm

Other palettes for Western Isles tartan

Ancient colours

5 custom woven

Reproduction colours

5 custom woven

We can also create a new palette varient to your own specification, using any shades from our stock yarns, or by dyeing to order to match your needs. Please enquire.

Western Isles (Modern palette) materials

Stock Service

11oz 140cm Pure New Wool 15.4 metres   ID: 107595

Custom Woven

16oz 140cm Pure New Wool   ID: 604808
16oz 70cm Pure New Wool   ID: 431809
11oz 140cm Pure New Wool   ID: 604809