Stephenson or Stevenson Clan

Note: colours viewed on a computer screen may appear significantly different to woven yarns. Please request physical samples where appropriate.

Stephenson or Stevenson Clan

11oz (Light weight)

Pure New Wool

A select range of sought-after traditional tartan patterns, plus a few of this specialist weaver's most popular designs. We have made these available due to demand for these much-loved setts in our unique authentic finish. D.C. Dalgliesh is Scotland's last authentic artisan tartan weaver, still producing only traditional tartans with a natural (kilting) selvedge. Learn more about this remarkable mill on the <a href="">D. C. Dalgliesh</a> web site.

Ancient Palette

These are the yarn shades we recommend for this tartan. You may also select alternative yarns from our stock yarn range to create your own varient palette. Please enquire

Ancient tartan colours are lighter in tone, as if aged by years of exposure to light, though ironically a relatively recent invention. In the 1950s weavers began to create lighter toned variants once the novelty of strongly toned 'Modern' dyestuffs was starting to ebb, and a fashion re-emerged for older-looking colours. The lighter tones often make a tartan's sett (pattern) easier to distinguish than in Modern colours.

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Stock Service

11oz 140cm Pure New Wool 4.2 metres   ID: 107440

Custom Woven

11oz 140cm Pure New Wool   ID: 438463

Stephenson or Stevenson Clan Specification


REPEAT Approx 17.8cm


WIDTH 140cm
MATERIAL Pure New Wool

Other palettes for Stephenson or Stevenson Clan tartan

Modern colours

5 custom woven

Reproduction colours

5 custom woven

We can also create a new palette varient to your own specification, using any shades from our stock yarns, or by dyeing to order to match your needs. Please enquire.

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Stephenson or Stevenson Clan (Ancient palette) materials

Custom Woven

16oz 140cm Pure New Wool   ID: 438459
16oz 70cm Pure New Wool   ID: 438462
11oz 140cm Pure New Wool   ID: 438463
11oz 70cm Pure New Wool   ID: 438460
4oz 76cm Pure Silk   ID: 438461